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Choice Program Catalog

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Past events

12/31/2018 Chronic Disease Self-Management
12/31/2018 Tech Tips for Making Travel Plans
12/31/2018 The Healthy Mind: Seven Ways to Promote Mental Health
12/31/2018 Cooking Smart for a Healthy Heart
12/31/2018 Understanding Dementia
12/31/2018 Protect Your Nest Egg: Planning for Long Term Healthcare
12/31/2018 Health and Wellness Fads - What's New? What's True?
12/31/2018 Relieving Joint Pain and Preventing Further Damage
12/31/2018 Be a Smart Consumer
12/31/2018 COPD & How Lungs Work
12/31/2018 POW - MIA Traveling Exhibit
12/31/2018 5 tips to Avoid Fraud
12/31/2018 Saint Teresa of Calcutta
12/31/2018 Baby It's Cold Outside
12/31/2018 Shake, Rattle and Roll - Activities for a Healthy Lifestyle
12/31/2018 Help for Affording Medications
12/31/2018 Banking Basics for Older Adults
12/31/2018 Managing High Blood Pressure
12/31/2018 Making Money Work for You
12/31/2018 Cooking for One or Two
12/31/2018 Nutrition Bingo
12/31/2018 Brain Health as You Age
12/31/2018 Depression: Growing Old, But Not Sad
12/31/2018 Brain Fitness
12/31/2018 Staying Sharp, Aging Wisely
12/31/2018 Ways to Improve Your Memory
12/31/2017 Better Choices, Better Health - Diabetes
12/31/2017 Medicare Basics
12/31/2017 A Matter of Balance
12/31/2017 Living Well with Vision Problems
12/31/2017 Home and Fire Safety and Identity Theft Protection
12/31/2017 Healthy Aging
12/31/2017 Stroke Awareness
12/31/2017 Food Safety
12/31/2017 Planned Giving
12/31/2017 Medicare Scams and Fraud
12/31/2017 Caring for Your Teeth as You Age
12/31/2017 Caregiving 101
12/31/2017 The Life of Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn
12/31/2017 Financial Security: Your Future and Financial Resilience
12/31/2017 Choosing Care Alternatives Across the Continuum of Care
12/31/2017 Active Shooter: Educate, Engage, Escape
12/31/2017 Depression in Older Adults
12/31/2017 Holiday Weight Loss
12/31/2017 Healthy Substitutions for Cooking and Baking
12/31/2017 Assistive Technology
12/31/2017 Mood Boosting Foods
12/31/2017 Medication Management
12/31/2017 Your Personal Filing Cabinet
12/31/2017 Simple Steps Towards Happiness
12/31/2017 Colorful Conversations
12/31/2017 Older Driver Safety
12/31/2017 Ten Tips to Enhance Vision at Home
12/31/2017 The Basics: Memory Loss, Dementia, Alzheimer's
12/31/2017 Aging Eyes
12/31/2017 Aging in Place
12/31/2017 Reaching Resilience
12/31/2017 Energy/Utility Conservation Workshop
12/31/2017 Safe at Home: Home Modification Tips for Aging in Place
12/31/2017 Staying Safe in Cold Weather
12/31/2017 Card Players Club
12/31/2017 Bone Health
03/10/2017 Medicare Boot Camp: It's As Easy as A, B, C, and D
12/31/2016 Living a Healthy Life with Chronic Conditions - 7 Week Workshop
12/31/2016 Medicare Bootcamp
12/31/2016 Using Technology for DIY Projects
12/31/2016 Cooking Matters at the Store
12/31/2016 Using Technology for Brain Fitness
12/31/2016 Mindfulness
12/31/2016 Arthritis 101
12/31/2016 Boost Your Brain, Maximize Your Memory
12/31/2016 Estate Planning 101
12/31/2016 Long Term Care - Choosing Care Alternatives
12/31/2016 Elder Abuse
12/31/2016 Medicare Part D/Choosing Your Prescription Drug Plan
12/31/2016 Access to Preventative Care
12/31/2016 Eating for Heart Health
12/31/2016 Eating the Rainbow
12/31/2016 Food Label Literacy
12/31/2016 Gut Health and Hydration
12/31/2016 Live Your Life Well
12/31/2016 Understanding and Responding to Dementia Related Behavior
12/31/2016 Ways to Control Cholesterol
12/31/2016 Power - Up Productivity
12/31/2016 Managing Arthritis: Knowledge is the Key
12/31/2016 Tips and Tricks for Navigating Public Transit
12/31/2016 What's In Your Grocery Cart
12/31/2016 How to Navigate the Healthcare System
12/31/2016 Activities for a Healthy Lifestyle
12/31/2016 Medication Safety, Storage and Management
12/31/2016 Planning Your Garden
12/31/2016 Hearing Loss and Possible Solutions
12/31/2016 Diabetes and You
12/31/2016 Creativity and Aging
12/31/2016 OASIS Healthy Habits for Adults: Salt and Fat
12/31/2016 OASIS Healthy Habits for Adults: Fruits and Veggies
12/31/2016 Seniors Count
12/31/2016 Retire or Rewire
12/31/2016 OASIS Healthy Habits for Adults: Reducing Fat In Your Diet
12/31/2016 Exercises for Everyday Movement
12/31/2016 Are You Smarter Than a Scam Artist?
12/31/2016 OASIS Healthy Habits for Adults: Limiting Sugar In Your Diet
12/31/2016 Low Impact Zumba
12/31/2016 Health and Spirituality
12/31/2016 Pain Management and Rehabilitation
12/31/2016 Grandma and Grandpa, I'm Gay
12/31/2016 Make Money Work for You
12/31/2016 Protect Yourself from Identity Theft
12/31/2016 10 Warning Signs of Alzheimer's Disease
12/31/2016 Open Forum on Senior Resources
12/31/2016 Address Stress
12/31/2016 CAASTL's Utility/Energy Assistance Program
12/31/2016 Understanding CAASTL's Weatherization Assistance Program
12/31/2015 A Matter of Balance
12/31/2015 Living a Healthy Life
12/31/2015 Cooking Matters - 6 Week Cooking Class
12/31/2015 Medicare and Open Enrollment
12/31/2015 Continuing the Journey with Diabetes and Reducing Risk
12/31/2015 Monitoring and Healthy Coping with Medications
12/31/2015 Diabetes and Healthy Eating and Being Active
12/31/2015 Diabetes and Medications
12/31/2015 Live Your Life Well
12/31/2015 Eating for Maturity
12/31/2015 Senior Advocacy
12/31/2015 Are You Smarter Than a Scam Artist?
12/31/2015 Cooking for One or Two
12/31/2015 Healthy Holiday Eating
12/31/2015 Slide/Zumba
12/31/2015 Landlord Tenant 101
12/31/2015 Step, Strengthen & Stretch
12/31/2015 Gentle Chair Yoga
12/31/2015 Choosing Your Medicare Part D Drug Plan
12/31/2015 Consumer Protection and "Preventative Law"
12/31/2015 Ten Steps To Retirement
12/31/2015 Falls Prevention Bingo
12/31/2015 Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate
12/31/2015 When Facility-Based Care is the Best Option: How to Select a Long-Term Care Facility
12/31/2015 Navigating the Healthcare System
12/31/2015 Bingo for Books & Lunch
12/31/2015 Distracted Driving
12/31/2015 Mangaging Chronic Health Conditions
12/31/2015 Arthritis 101
12/31/2015 Finding Affordable Medications
12/31/2015 Lower Your Energy and Utility Costs!
12/31/2015 Healthy Meal Planning on a Budget
12/31/2015 Help to Stop Smoking
12/31/2015 First Ladies Trivia
12/31/2015 Seniors, Get R-E-A-D-Y
12/31/2015 Choosing Care Alternatives
12/31/2015 Medication Management
12/31/2015 Spirituality and Health
12/31/2015 Care of Self, Care of Others
12/31/2015 CATCH Healthy Habits: Reducing Fat In Your Diet
12/31/2015 CATCH Healthy Habits: Love Your Veggies and Fruits
12/31/2015 CATCH Healthy Habits: How Sweet It is
12/31/2015 Eating with Diabetes
12/31/2015 Choosing Between Home- And Facility-Based Care Options: Which is Best?
12/31/2015 Food Label Literacy
12/31/2015 Life Review Workshop
12/31/2015 Quick and Easy Cooking on a Budget
12/31/2015 CATCH Healthy Habits: Salt and Fat - Oh My!
12/31/2015 Benefits Check Up/Property Tax Credit
12/31/2015 Boost Your Mood & Avoid Emotional Eating
12/31/2015 Chair Exercise
12/31/2015 Low Impact Exercise
12/31/2015 Heart Healthy Cooking
12/31/2015 Healthy Substitutions for Cooking and Baking
12/31/2015 Exercise At Any Age
12/31/2015 Holiday Weight Loss
12/31/2015 Medication Safety, Storage and Management
12/31/2015 Heart Health
12/31/2015 Activities for a Healthy Lifestyle
12/31/2015 Benefits of Chocolate
12/31/2015 Laughter Yoga
12/31/2015 Mood Boosting Foods
12/31/2015 Emergency Preparedness
12/31/2015 Stay Strong, Stay Healthy

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