The two most frequent questions asked by family members who are arranging long term care for their loved one are:

What do we do when she/he runs out of money?

In this case, your loved one may be eligible for Medicaid. Unlike Medicare, Medicaid will pay all expenses for skilled nursing home care indefinitely for qualified persons (though their monthly income, less for personal items, must be paid to the nursing home; Medicaid pays the difference between the person’s income and the total bill each month.) The loved one must be in a Medicaid certified Vendor bed.  The Medicaid Program is administered by the Missouri State Family Support Division (FSD.)

Where do I go to apply for Medicaid?

As soon as your loved one is residing in a Medicaid Certified Vendor Bed (either going directly there from the hospital or their home, or having moved from a private pay bed to a Medicaid bed, you need to apply in person at the Family Support Division office in the county where the nursing home is located (not where your loved one’s home is.) 

For additional information, please visit: MO HealthNet (Medicaid) for Seniors

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