Elder Abuse

If an adult is in immediate, life-threatening danger, call 911. If you suspect abuse, neglect or exploitation contact DHSS.  DHSS investigates abuse, neglect, and exploitation of seniors and disabled adults. Abuse may occur in the community or in long-term care facilities. These vulnerable adults are unable to protect their own interests or meet their essential care needs. 

Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services 

1 (800) 392-0210            



Abuse is the infliction of  physical, sexual, or emotional injury or harm including financial exploitation by any person, caregiver, or provider.


Neglect is the failure to provide care to an older adult by a caregiver or provider, which presents imminent danger to the health, safety, or welfare of the client.


Exploitation is the wrongful taking of finances or property, often through deception or intimidation, with the intent to defraud an older adult.

Warning Signs of Abuse, Neglect and Exploitation
  • Bruises, black eyes, or rope marks
  • Unsanitary living conditions; soiled clothing or bedding
  • Untreated physical problems, such as bed sores
  • Unsafe living conditions; no heat/cooling or water
  • Loss of weight, dehydration or malnourishment
  • Bruises around breast or genitals
  • Significant withdrawal from bank account
  • Unpaid bills or lack of medical care
  • Loss of personal belongings
  • Isolation, anxiety, withdrawal, fear, depression, anger, or non-responsiveness by the elder
  • Failure to provide adequate food, clothing, shelter or medical care

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